History of Information and Communication Technology

History of Information and Communication Technology
                    The development of human civilization is accompanied by the development of the delivery of information ( hereinafter referred to as information technology) , starting from the pictures meaningless in the walls of the cave

1. Prehistoric Period
At this time , information technology and communications made by humans to function as a system for the recognition of human forms that are familiar . To illustrate the information obtained , they described it on the walls of the cave about hunting and animal prey .

a. 3000 BC

For the first time , the writing used by the Sumerians using symbols formed from piktografi as letters. Symbols or letters also has the form of sound ( mention of ) different so it can be a word, sentence , and language .

b . 2900 BC

In 2900 BC , the ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics . Hieroglyphics is the language of symbols , where each phrase represented by different symbols . If the symbols are combined into one circuit , it will produce a different meaning . Hieroglyphic writing and language is more advanced than Sumerian writing .

c . 500 BC

In 500 BC , humans have known how to make papyrus fibers from trees that grow around the Nile . Papyrus fibers can be used as paper . Paper made from papyrus tree fiber becomes the media for writing or media to convey information that is more powerful and flexible than the previous slab of clay is also used as an information medium .

d . 105 M

At this time , the Chinese managed to find the paper . The paper discovered by the Chinese in this period is the paper we know today . This paper made ​​from bamboo fibers are crushed, filtered , washed , then flattened and dried ..

2. Modern Period ( 1400 s.d. Now )

a. 1455
In 1455 , for the first time Johann Gutenberg developed the printing press by using a plate letters made ​​of iron and can be changed in a frame made ​​of wood .

b . 1830
Augusta Lady Byron wrote the first computer program in the world . He worked with Charles Babbage using analytical engine designed so that they can enter data , process data , and generates output in the form of a card

1991 - Present

Business systems in the IT field first occurs when CERN charge a fee from its members to overcoming operational costs . In 1992 , begins to form the Internet community and the introduction of the World Wide Web ( www ) by CERN . In 1994 , the growth of the Internet drove very fast and began reaching into the various facets of human life and to be . In 1995 , public companies began to be allowed into the provider to buy in backbone networks . This step began development of information technology , particularly the internet and research to develop systems and more sophisticated tools .

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