Megantara slightly annoying

                    Hello my name is Azmy M Ariffin we know on Saturday last week SMAN 3 Bandung events, namely the performing arts SMAN 3 Bandung or that we often know that Megatara SMAN 3 Bandung event designed in such a way by the committee for the festive event that our committee Megantara is long once designed this for a festive day Megatara that me and my friend that as a committee of food fest we as the division set up or maintain stores of food in the event Megantara that I experienced as the committee food fest experienced something happy and bad but I would have felt much grief happy than I can in this fest food committee that I mentioned in the story below.

                  The first one that I mentioned in distress in the committee food fest is something unusual why can not I say unusual because the owners of food trucks meatball this race we as a committee is not a problem in any one of them looking for food trucks to fill the food stand in the event Megantara it I as a committee that is looking for food experienced unusual why because we were always able to get angry but we confuse not problem rage in the event of one angry it a natural thing of one of the parties may be wrong but in the event of different we is correct in solve a my region division for a food truck is one of them is a food truck in question there was food truck meatball racing is why because he complain to the territory he occupied at that moment we understand it might be our fault when the set point for food truck meatball racing we were thinking in the complain it is misplaced somewhere less strategic but we did not expect is in complein do much the same concert stage he'll tough it difficult that we thought at the time this person why d place less strategic that will have an impact on buyers or customers even vent to the committee about the food fest where less strategic because it is too far at the stage

                  But apart from that there are a lot of comments in stand food  meatball racing the longer I as a committee of food fest to feel rich miscast food truck but because there we understand every relationship there must be a lack or excess finally the hours passed and the longer he too strangely not say when he

                  would raise the price of meatballs directly raise the price of meatballs originally normal to find one meatball average origin of 25 thousand to 30 rb in my opinion the price of meatball much for the food meatball will not sell because the price is so expensive that I think here if meatball at a price of 30 rb then customers

              I think 2 times why for me it's better to buy other foods that are cheaper than the 30 rb I bought meatballsand finally meatball the race coment to us is where we also do not care because he also wishes to raise the price tapa arbitrarily our knowledge and ultimately we were wrong because we take advantage of 20% of each sale we thought here we have given the deal took 20% of the profits of each buyer.

                after the incident we sizable relief because food truck meat ball did not comment again end we did not get crazy over it and finally my friend finally come and finally we talk and recently we took of tireed of stand food truck is finally comment again we wondered why stand food truck is always comment if comment clear and logical is not he comment why because he blamed us price meatball and eventually peak Megatara starting from 6 pm until the evening during peak all Megataradocked to enjoy the concert the cancungters when crowded jump jump and enjoy concertscomme nt lag on my own was called because of what having turns selling heeeee when he is sellin geven I as a committee confused at the time he wanted to enjoy the concert and finally I pretencalled ya era wrote I should sales which had meatballs racing weird dong and finally succeeded, and finally I said the day sucks elapses

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