An unforgettable friend

An unforgettable friend

              friends present this world to accompany at a time in each event with that where in we passed hard fun together we pass the test of life that must be resolved with you friends and therefore I am here to thank me for you.

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             Here I will tell you the most fun or we say the most memorable the incidents that have recently occurred on Tuesday one of my friends fadly in love a commonplace in our age is the age of fifteen up to sixteen or future prettiest thing love or shag future sma where sma is the story sma be a memorable time in the future after college or we are married I'll tell you that we will not forget.
a couple of weeks ago I andevent to have fun dimassa holidays with riding the bike but because of my being exposed to love or love of yesteryear with still thinking about the girl whose past finally we change the event by inviting the girl who had keceng has long of period smp frequently remembered by my fadly after a long day we decided to watch because at that time there was a film we've been waiting a long time that is dear nathan which tells the story of romance in the mass sma is about the love story with a particularly complex issue and be a picture for two children was hit by a romance at the time at that point we decided to walk in tsm and at that point we proclaim they end at that point on can.

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at that time friends me fadly very nervous because the period when it had not occurred to her hand so cold at that time and at that point we just recently come in threes and at the time I left them together and finally fadly angry at the time but not directly afterwards without long I left the two of them and ended up at the time the two of them talk freely without any interference but the truth, and at that point the plan goes smoothly and finally friend come after that we went straight into the cinema and after the drama began them in the cinema tell each other each other and our plan was to run smoothly back.
interesting things in this plan is our successful team group romance fadly amounting to 8 people to try to unify Adam and Eve our version is fadly and mr x in this case we were a lot of thinking how continuity between them and besides it also girls are like diamonds as diamonds are very expensive to obtain not mean girls are materialistic but only guy just certain to obtain them than we ever heard girl resisting shot girl about 18 people and fadly was very curious about the girl's until harder and finally we've had three months to try to help fadly to approach one of these girls and initially fadly gave up with this and finally fadly approaching this girl like-snail slow but sure

even then I could tell you, and finally at the time of our plans and success thanks

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