My name Azmy M Ariffin and Azmy you can call me anything you want, but my friends used to call me Arap or Azmy. I was born in Bandung 02 december 2001, which means I was 14 right now. Previously I lived in south Jakarta, a city that I love and now I live in Bandung., It was only because my father worked on the land perusahaanluar, PT aquaqultura Indonesia. So yes, here's a few images in if you want to know me.

 Hasil gambar untuk foto perumahan jakarta
           These are some pictures of housing in south jakarta Raised in the center perdegangan jakarta very solid pendudk at that time I was a bit lazy to stay in jakarta why because the place was hot and quite arid maunpundengan dust bertebangan that makes me often short of breath but each incident must be happy or difficult as well but some people will think of only a shortage of its course but it is also in jakarta south as well as the center of a flood every rainy for jakarta south is the center of Jakarta's most low so naturally every rainy season we kelarga great jakarta always welcome the flood detipa months between October sampi by February so it was things that could've been in the house occupied by the order to each family in jakarta but it became the norm but kelama over time it becomes very detrimental to this there are several photos of events photo flood at the time we were in Jakarta and finally my father moved to Bandung to hold aquaqultura in Bandung and finally I was happy after our family moved to Bandung and happy I am immediate packing of goods to be moved 3 days after hearing the news of my father.

Hasil gambar untuk foto perumahan banjir


Hasil gambar untuk foto perumahan banjir

                 Next on my hobbies. I am pleased to play a musical instrument such as a guitar or piano, and saxsophone Elain was also I love to play basketball well. To me that just like to play those kind of things that I feel like I escaped from all kinds of nonsense in this life. I know, it's in. I made my first interaction with my music when I was 9 years old. And I started with the classical genre, until now. I often wanted to swim well. Water is my love of my life, I think, because I get all my passion just from the water, like moodbooster for me. And for me that just as "life sometimes takes you into troubled waters.

                    About my education before, I spent all of it in jakarta. I was educated in tk or in private sd named ibnusina, and now I go to three senior high shcool in Bandung. I feel very thankful and grateful to God that I can learn in the best of the best schools in Bandung and in Indonesia accredited as an outstanding school educated. I had a brother, his name is Nazir and Azhar and he has studied at the same school with me before, but now she goes to study at ITB and have majored teknikindustri. Many people think that I have the same face with my sisters, but I do not agree with it because in the end the latter will be more handsome than before. 
                                            So it's all about me, it's about you!

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