unforgettable incident in the robber in
Gedebage road to Bandung

                    This is an incident where I was very scared at that time I will tell you from the beginning where the incident until I managed to escape from the pursuit of the robber scary on Friday 21 March 2015 at 06.15 is more precise when crossing the road Gedebage. At the time I use this bike

                 At the time it was on Friday rather I at that grade 9 very many activities at the time of start her lessons and learning event together to try out the next day that day I ourselves to bring the motor because at that time very much an event on when it is ok because at that time also allowed the parents to bring the motor because by then it was quiet for each event when it is allowed to calm indeed when it is not old enough to bring the bike to school or to to the road After a few hours after I learned additional cunslation that I went on a trip to the house friends to do the home work
                  together to home work group work and at that moment my friend's house was also quite far from where her lessons because it is my duty at that time because at that time  I was a little lazy my friend's house for a little bit further and I set off to work group work assignments for the next day after several am after I finished working on home work or task for our group and next finished I decided to go home because the work was already completed to the highway but since then many of my event force myself to bring the bike this is road Gedebage bandung .

                                                    The examples oh events Begal

           After that I work tasks together for the tasks assigned by the teacher that must be completed   on the same day and after a few hours I and my friends do home work The next dizziness or difficult to do the homework and I decided to go home because of the work that has been completed and finally I get ready to go home from my friend's house and finally I've said goodbye to return eventually I return with the bike after I drove off the road  using the motorcycle around 6:15 the incident occur because in rampant misappropriation of society which a make unsettled residents I was the incident at the time on the clock 06:15 on the road Gedebage bandung at that time I was relaxed and slowly because the road is quite deserted finally incident robber that occurred during the incident Begal gunpoint knife to hand over my valuables to the person at the time of the hijacking at that time the state or decided to plug the gas to immediately run away and eventually I decided to hade and seek refuge in the gas station road Gedebage at that time I was very panicked for fear of threatened life and property of me at that moment after i to hide in the toilet for 1 hour old, and finally I decided to come out fast and quick return at that moment of fear at all with the state of feeling good and  who took the motor is not known at the time I did not know I was still alive or  end because review God I survived until the goal.
               At the time when he got home I did not say anything or tell any incident that brought the motor at the time of the Friday I just shut up and sleep at that time

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