Dewa Athenna god is race or event that is awaited from each class because this is a game or sporting event where the event is a sporting event  divided several events in the event there were about twelve in a sporting event organized by the students SMAN 3 Bandung

Hasil gambar untuk gambar dewa athena sman 3 bandung
In Gods athenna or sporting event SMAN 3 is held is osis SMAN 3 in this event is the weekend sports where each matched in the field of certain sports in this event osis SMAN 3 has been set up from a few days osis also prepared that tool before implementation such as thanks to the speakers and other devices in this case also the god athena went smoothly thanks to them that osis SMAN 3 bandung.
Hasil gambar untuk gambar dewa athena sman 3 bandung
Athenna gods event is held in 3 days but not in a row on 23 and 25 March 2016 and resumed again on 8 April 2016 and starting from 7 am to finish but at that time the weather was very supportive with no heat and no cloudy .
The event was held in the grounds bali SMAN 3 and 5 at the time the event was held on Saturday and started from the morning show is very enlivened from each grade 11 and grade 10.
The event was held as a form of entertainment and use the time together classmates and fill in time for the 12th grade brother shortly UN.
The impression of each in this event is very pleased premises they work together to defeat their opponent is another class in some sports like gobak Sodor, basketball, futsal, badminton etc. they were very happy in this event they were photographed with a post in the jig or other medsos

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